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CR: The thirst is real. These trifflin <bleep>s be steady tryna chill.
Me: I didn't realize you were so parched!
(I think I'm funny)
Fashion Symposium at #CalMart. Best past was talking to Brett Bjorkman (Director of Sustainable Business and Innovation at #Hurley) about #TPS and the seven mudas of Kaizen!
Banana, mango, nutella, and peanut butter #crepe with vanilla ice cream from Crepe Corner.
I&#8217;ve abused this car over the years.100,000 miles later, it&#8217;s  still running solid. #honda #civic #awkwardparkingatwork

I thought I was further along, but apparently I’ve either been too slow or I’ve regressed. Dang.

Before and after a proper halo-halo mixing. #halohalo #filipinofood

I’ve got all these thoughts just floating through my brain.

They bump and they colide and cause a flurry of confusion, and it’s…getting on my nerves.


: ”””(
Feeling like myself again. #altacoffee #coffeeshop
The calm before the storm.
Good music, signed poster and vinyl, and a memorable conversation. Must be #MattCosta at @fingerprintslb! Good show, @brushfire!

Can’t seem to catch a break.